The Importance of Education

Education is a very important thing to have. It allows people to not only better themselves, but also better the community and the people around them.

Issues that face education range from things such as lack of support, to low income.

One of the biggest issues affecting graduation and attendance is money. According to the Washington Post, students in the south and west are becoming poorer.

My dad used to tell me stories of having to not only attend school, but work two jobs to help pay bills. I can only imagine what that must be like, and it’s somewhat scary to think about someone having to go through that.

Someone might be forced to leave school in order to work. Unfortunately, an average, people without high school diplomas are paid poorly.

From a world perspective, countries with high education standards and graduation rates are successful and industrialized. The United States is the wealthiest country in the world, yet our education system has fallen behind other countries.

I conducted an interview with Felicia Spann, as she has over 15 years of experience in public teaching. During our interview, I asked her multiple questions regarding what can cause a student to potentially fail in school. Having previously taught at the elementary level, she felt that many of the issues stem from the beginning of a child’s education. One thing she said was, “The demands that are placed on students, particularly at the elementary schools are excessive. Elementary schools should be where kids get there foundational skills that will help them be more successful when they get to middle school and high school.” By that, she was referring to the growing difficulties of elementary students. She spoke of how more and more is trying to be pushed down from middle schools and into the elementary curriculum.

in terms of income, that is more dependent on the US economy. But the only way that can be fixed is also dependent on eduction.

Lack of support is another reason that people dropout. Whether it’s lack of support from family or the school, students will have difficulty succeeding if they are not supported. Schools need to make better efforts at getting students involved and supported.

Nationally, the past few years have shown improvement, though. The high school dropout rate decreased from 7.1% in 2011 to 6.6% in 2012. According to the National Education Association, the graduation rate is now at the highest point since 1973, with a national graduation rate of 74.7%.

National Dropout rate Decreasing (

In relation to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, there is good news. Maryland and Virginia are the only two southern states were low income families do not make up the majority.

In the DC area, the school system will be focused on student enrichment programs in order to improve the graduation rate.

Maryland and Virginia both experienced growth in terms of graduation rates.

 Virginia Statistics

In Virginia, high school graduation have shown steady growth.

Virginia has also begun using a new measurement systems for graduation rates, called cohort. Cohort measurements follow a class from 9th grade throughout the next four years. It provides for more accurate measurements.


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